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How to Navigate the Holiday Party Overload Healthfully!

Happy December, everyone! I love this time of year so much… the lights, the music, the general cheer and coziness… It makes me so happy. And part of the cheer and merriment comes in the form of about a bazillion holiday parties. It can feel like every weekend in December has another party or three […]

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3 Tips to Make Hosting Thanksgiving Easier!

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving? Family and loved ones gather around, we get to celebrate all the wonderful things we’re thankful for, and we get to feast on lots of yummy food! Food-centric holidays can be tough in many ways, but they don’t HAVE to be. If you’re having the family over to your place this […]

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If There Are No Bad Foods, Why Manage Sweets?

I once read a really interesting critique of one of my favorite books. The book takes the same “no good/bad foods” approach, that I do, which is one of the many reasons I love it. It also talks about ways to manage sweet stuff, and how to find a moderate balance with it (again, very […]

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98 Non-food Easter Basket Ideas Kids Will Love!

Happy (almost) Easter! There’s something nostalgic about this time of year… the egg hunts, the dressy clothes, the ham dinner, and the epic basket of Easter goodies! Now, I’m all for including some type of treat in the Easter basket (peanut butter eggs in mine, please!) It’s part of a moderate approach to treats that […]

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Sugar Addiction is Not Real

Everywhere you look, someone seems to be talking about “sugar addiction.” They’re either talking about doing a sugar detox to help get over their “addiction”, or they’re talking about how they don’t keep sweets in the house because they’re “addicted” and can’t control themselves around it. Many people also completely forbid their children from having sugar […]

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Forget “Reducing Sweets”, Let’s Try: ADDING JOY!

Well, today is Valentine’s Day. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most people are planning to enjoy something sweet today – either with their significant other, or all by themselves because #screwvalentinesday. So perhaps today is an odd day to publish a post about reducing sweets, but hear me out…. […]

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Want to be Healthy and Still Have a Social Life?

I had a client email me recently about how she was “trying to figure out how my social life and my health goals can live in harmony.” Wow. How much do I LOVE that phrasing!? That’s pretty much THE ideal goal, right? We’ve been told for so long that social occasions are huge obstacles to […]

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A Healthy Thanksgiving: 5 Tips to Avoid Getting Over-Stuffed

Last week I wrote about ways to make hosting Thanksgiving a bit easier and less stressful. I hope it was helpful for those of you who will be having everyone over to your house for the holiday! But while only some people host Thanksgiving dinner, everyone EATS Thanksgiving dinner! We tend to love the food, […]

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Don’t Freak Over Halloween Treats

Ahhh Halloween. It’s SO MUCH FUN to put on your costume, head out into the cold, and Trick-or-Treat around the neighborhood. Our little guy has gone Trick-or-Treating for both of his Halloweens, though he’s still too little to know what’s going on, or what the fuss over candy is all about. So far, we’ve dealt […]

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A Healthy First Birthday Party (Yes, With Cake!)

My son turns 1 today! How is it possible that his first birthday is here already? I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since he entered this crazy world. He’s the sweetest little boy I’ve ever known. He’s curious, and smart, and silly, and determined, and well, he’s just amazing! Planning a healthy […]

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