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Is Your Food Relationship Like A Bad Marriage?

I talk a lot about developing a healthy relationship with food, and it made me think recently about just how many parallels it has with actual romantic relationships… Bad relationships and unhappy marriages can be fraught with tension, battles-of-wills, anger, sadness, and constant frustration. On the other hand, great marriages can be happy, content, comfortable, […]

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How Can We Prevent Kids From Dieting?

I don’t know a single person who wants their child to diet. Sure, I know people who want their kids to eat well, which is pretty much most of us! But I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who wanted their child to grow up and be a dieter. It’s something I think most of […]

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If There Are No Bad Foods, Why Manage Sweets?

I once read a really interesting critique of one of my favorite books. The book takes the same “no good/bad foods” approach, that I do, which is one of the many reasons I love it. It also talks about ways to manage sweet stuff, and how to find a moderate balance with it (again, very […]

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Exercise is NOT Punishment for Eating

Raise your hand if you’ve ever uttered a version of this at some point: “I’m gonna have to spend all day on the treadmill to burn off that cheesecake!” (Raises hand. Yup, me too.) It’s become second nature to link our exercise to our food choices. We say it partially in jest, but underneath, we’re kind of […]

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Forget “Reducing Sweets”, Let’s Try: ADDING JOY!

Well, today is Valentine’s Day. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most people are planning to enjoy something sweet today – either with their significant other, or all by themselves because #screwvalentinesday. So perhaps today is an odd day to publish a post about reducing sweets, but hear me out…. […]

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How to Escape the Diet Cycle Nightmare

I don’t think I know anyone who actually enjoys going on a diet. Do you? Diets are just a means to an end, a temporary misery that we endure in the name of losing weight or getting healthy. But even though diets are temporary, it often doesn’t feel that way. Instead, we end up stuck […]

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You Don’t Need A Freaking Detox to Lose Weight!

Ahh, another new year.  The first week of January means we get to take stock of our various goals and make new plans for how we want to achieve them. It also, unfortunately for my sanity, means seeing a depressing number of awful quick-fix weight loss schemes coming across every possible social media feed. As if […]

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The Myth of Good and Bad Foods

Raise your hand if you think there are good and bad foods. I admit, I used to think so too. As humans, we really love binary thinking. Black and white, good and bad, healthy and sick, high and low, etc. It’s an easy way for our brains to divide things up into categories and make […]

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Are You Chasing Success at the Expense of Happiness?

This weekend I was at a lake with some family friends, boating, tubing, paddle boarding, and just generally having a lovely time! I adore this crowd. My parents have some of the coolest friends on the planet, and I consider myself lucky that they’re my friends as well. As can sometimes happen when chatting with a […]

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Building Resilience: How to Thrive in the Midst of Struggle

How many times have you been super excited to make some type of change, but came across an obstacle that ended up totally derailing your progress? I know it’s happened to many of my clients. They’ll be going along, practicing their new nutrition skills, when something comes along (LIFE happens) and they feel like they […]

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