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How to Navigate the Holiday Party Overload Healthfully!

Happy December, everyone! I love this time of year so much… the lights, the music, the general cheer and coziness… It makes me so happy. And part of the cheer and merriment comes in the form of about a bazillion holiday parties. It can feel like every weekend in December has another party or three […]

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Intuitive Eating for Moms is Not Bullsh*t

Did that title catch your eye, or what? It’s not like most of the other titles around this blog, but there’s a reason for that… This post was inspired by a Facebook Live video titled: “Intuitive Eating for Moms is Kinda Bulls**t.” I want to respond to that video today, and explain a few things. First, […]

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You Don’t Have to Fear Hunger!

Allow me to vent just a tad… There’s been an advertisement on the radio lately for some doctor’s weight loss plan. He states that on his plan you’ll have “no hunger, no cravings” and also “no” to several other things I can’t remember off the top of my head. He also says he can help […]

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Intuitive Eating – Eat Like A Kid Again!

Don’t you sometimes wish you could just be a kid again? I know I do! No worries, no responsibilities, no bills. Just fun, and dreams, and exploration, and loving life! Sounds pretty fabulous, doesn’t it? You get to run around without a care in the world, doing whatever brings you joy right that very moment. And when […]

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Don’t Follow in My Food Footsteps

As parents, we want the best for our kids. We read books and articles about parenting and discipline, potty training and sleeping, etc. When it comes to feeding kids, I think it’s pretty common for the breast vs bottle decision to take up the majority of our focus. But what about what happens after that? […]

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