Pregnancy and Postpartum Nutrition

Here you'll find my articles on pregnancy and postpartum nutrition topics. Wondering how to cover your (and the baby's) nutritional bases? Check these posts out for some guidance.

Morning Sickness: Personal Experiences, and What Research Says About How to Feel Better!
Morning sickness… the very act of reading that phrase can make a woman’s stomach turn. But if you’re currently dealing[...]
The Importance of Iron in Pregnancy
Iron is a bit of a hot topic in pregnancy nutrition, because a woman’s need for Iron in pregnancy goes[...]
The Importance of Folate in Pregnancy
You may have heard that it's important to get enough folate in pregnancy. Actually, it's important even before a woman[...]
Learn to Love Your Postpartum Body
Last week, in response to a question I'd posted on Facebook, a great coach I know replied with concern she[...]
Does Breastfeeding Help to Lose Baby Weight?
Something that tends to be on many women’s minds after having a baby is "How do I lose the baby weight?”[...]