I wanted to create a place where I could show you some of my absolute favorite things that I use ALL THE TIME. I would never recommend something to you guys that I don't already use and love.
Everything listed here has the ultra-official Raising Nutrition Stamp of Approval 🙂 I hope they are just as wonderfully helpful to you too!


Lean Habits, by Georgie Fear

This is the bible of eating well for life using skills and habits, not diets. Written by wonderfully wise mentor and boss!

Fearless Feeding

This most helpful book I've found for learning to feed young kids. See my review here!

How to Raise A Mindful Eater

I adore this book! It gives some great ways we can foster a positive relationship with food in our kids (and in us!) See my review here!

Racing Weight Cookbook

Incredible, healthy, and easy recipes. Not just for athletes! 


Silicone Baking Cups

Totally nonstick. I LOVE these things! Also makes an awesome stacking-cup toy for babies 🙂 

Hamilton Slow Cooker

Works great, and you can even lock the lid to take it with you to parties! 

Veggie Chop

The best little "lawnmower" veggie chopper. 

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender, Black


Yes, it's expensive. But it can MAKE peanut butter! And baby food. And hummus. And everything else you can imagine!

Kid Stuff

Lunch Containers

Great for packing lunches for daycare or school

Oxo Tot feeding set

All the Oxo Tot stuff is awesome. My set didn't have the snackcup, but the bowl, utensils, and plate are great! 

Nuby Sippy Cups

These sippy cups were our son's favorite. And there are no hidden places for mold to grow! 

Nuby Cool Sipper Cups

A cup for young toddlers. Same brand, still no hidden mold-growing places!  

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