Welcome to my Library of Freebies!

I've created a bunch of great guides and printables to help you on your journey to eating well without dieting! There are also some resources for the mamas, to help on your quest to raise healthy eaters.
I hope you enjoy these and find them helpful! 

(Once you request access to a download, you'll get an email with access to all of them, so no need to sign up more than once!) 

Short Ebooks

Peaceful Eating Roadmap

The Path from Dieting to Eating Well Easily! 

Make Healthy Meals Easier Than Take-Out

Contains 5 simple ways to make healthy meals easier!

Includes a printable meal planning sheet.

5 Mindful Minutes
for Busy Moms

A guide to implementing short, mindful minutes into your day, so you can be more present and less stressed!
Includes a printable summary sheet.

Printable Cheat Sheets​

Pregnancy Nutrient Cheat Sheet

An overview of the important nutrient we need in pregnancy, and where to get them.

Homemade Baby Food Cheat Sheet

How to prepare various foods so you can make your own baby food purees.

Toddler Lunchbox Ideas Printable

A mix-n-match cheat sheet for packing  healthy lunchboxes.

25 Ways to Add Joy
Without Food

Before reaching for the chocolate, try these non-food ways of adding joy to your day.

Free Email Series

The following resources are different than the ones above in that they're not downloadable.
Instead, you'll receive an email for 3 or 5 days as you go through these mini "challenges". 

Simplify Healthy Meals Challenge

This 5-day series is based on the 5 strategies in the "Make Healthy Meals Easier Than Take-Out" guide above. It's just an updated, and slightly more fun version!

Diet Drama Detox

The only detox I'd ever recommend 🙂 This one helps you ditch the dieting messages that surround you and constantly perpetuate a dieting mindset. Good riddance!