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All my best tips for making healthy meals at home easier are included in this free 5-day email challenge. Come learn how to eat well without dieting!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re off to a healthy and happy 2018 so far. The first week of January has been incredibly frigid here, but it’s given me some time to hunker inside and get down some of my goals for the year ahead. I prefer “goals” to “resolutions”, and I also very much like to keep them reasonably doable. There’s no sense in struggling to reach a bar that was set unreasonably high, right? But enough about me… this post is about you. I know many people set health-related goals/resolutions in the new year, so I wanted to be sure to clue you in to some of my favorite tools and resources to help you make those goals as doable as possible.

Note: this post does contain some affiliate links, which means if you purchase through the link I will get a small (like a few pennies) commision at no cost to you. I only recommend things I’ve actually used/read and loved though! Thanks in advance for helping this site stay up and running!

Make sure you read til the bottom of the post because I have a GIVEAWAY for you! You can win one of the great tools I mention in this post. Winner will be announced on Friday January 12 on my Facebook page and notified by email. (Hint it’s this one…)

Okay, let’s get started… We’ll start with the FREE resources first:

Free Resources:

Since this site exists to help you make healthy eating easier and less stressful, it would seem silly for me not to point you toward some of my own free resources. There are tons of great pieces of info scattered around the blog, but I have three things that are a tad more organized, and therefore more helpful, which are also completely free.

1: Simplify Healthy Meals Challenge:

This 5-day email series will guide you through my favorite tips to make healthy meals easier. We are all pressed for time, and yet we really want to eat well too. So these tips will help you make healthy meals your easiest option, so you can stick to your healthy eating goals. Go here to join.

2: Diet Drama Detox:

This 3-day series is perfect for the new year, because it kills two birds with one stone… not only do people tend to have health goals, but we also like to set simplifying or decluttering goals (or is that just me?). This series can tackle both… it’s about decluttering the diet drama that’s all around us so we can make room for the more realistic (and sane) nuggets of healthy eating guidance. Three days to make big progress on two common goals? Check! Join in here

3: Resource library:

Subscribers to my mailing list get access to a slew of great freebies in my resource library, including e-book guides on intuitive eating, mindfulness, and making healthy meals easier. There are also printables for adding joy/self-care, and some resources for the moms in the crowd looking to feed their kiddos well too. Sign up here to get access!

Books I love and recommend:

A step up from free are these low-priced books that are worth their weight in gold.

4: Lean Habits by Georgie Fear

Anyone who has read this blog before probably knows my relationship with Georgie. She’s been my friend and mentor since I started working the nutrition field, and she is a treasure trove of amazing knowledge and compassion. Her book should honestly be required reading for, well, the world. It is the only book on healthy eating that is free of diet dogma, full of sound science and behavior change principles, and supremely down to earth, realistic, and encouraging. I have the hardcover, and it also just came out in paperback for the first time! Do yourself a huge favor and pick up this book. It will be the last one you’ll ever need to make those healthy eating habits actually stick. Check it out here!

5: The Family Dinner Solution by Maryann Jacobsen

Maryann is another nutrition professional I hold in very high regard. I’ve reviewed two of her other books here on the blog already (here and here), and I was lucky enough to win a copy of her most recent version of this book (which had a different name before). This book is fabulous! We all know that family meals are important for a variety of reasons, but actually doing it can feel incredibly challenging. Kids are picky, there’s very limited time to cook, no one actually wants to cook after work, etc. But this book gives some really great ways of simplifying the whole process. I suppose that’s a theme of this entire post – simplify your meals and your strategies! Check out the book here.

Tools I use and love:

Just about any healthy eating goal will involve upping your veggie intake. But if we want to get more veggies in, we need to make it easy to do that! So these two tools are favorites in the veggie-prep category. They’re both very easy to use, and also a fun way to get those veggies prepped!

6: The Veggie Chop 

You guys. I use this thing almost every day. It cuts down my chopping time tremendously, and as weird as this sounds, it’s also fun to use! Kiddo likes helping me with since it’s got a pull cord like a lawnmower. If you want to cut down on prepping veggies, grab one of these. You will love it! I have the green one but it comes in red too. Get it here!

7: A Spiralizer

What the heck is a spiralizer? It’s a tool that turns veggies into noodles. Yay for more nutrient-dense “pasta”! My favorites are zucchini, butternut squash, and sweet potato, but you can do it with any relatively long vegetable. I already own one (as you can see in this recipe post for shrimp scampi florentine), but I just received another one for Christmas. Since the one I have still works great, I want to pass this new one on to you! Hence the following giveaway. If you’re in a hurry though, you can order it here.

Giveaway Time!

One lucky winner will receive the Veggetti Pro Spiralizer pictured here! It’s super easy to use, you can clean it in the dishwasher, and there are three different noodle shapes you can make. (And yes, it’s actually pretty fun to use too.)

Here’s how to enter (US residents only, please!):

  • Step 1: Sign up for one of the free resources I mentioned above: the Simplify Healthy Meals Challenge, the Diet Drama Detox series, or the Freebies Library. (This will put you on my mailing list, but you are free to unsubscribe whenever you like.)
  • Step 2: Leave a comment below telling me which one you signed up for and why you’d love to win the Veggetti spiralizer.

That’s it! I’ll choose a winner by a random number generator on Friday and notify them by email.

Cheers to a healthy and happy 2018!

Healthy eating tips tools and resources to help you meet your new years resolutions. You can also #WIN a spiralizer!