Diet Mindset Makeover is Here!

My book is a complete guide to repairing your relationship with food. I'll show you how to stop dieting, improve your body image, eat well without going crazy, and even help your kids develop a positive relationship with food!

Healthy and Happy Mindset

It's not just about WHAT you eat, but also WHY and HOW you eat! Most of us have a lot of "baggage" when it comes to eating. All the diet rules and marketing messages tend to get a strong hold on us, and it makes our relationship with food less than ideal. These posts and resources will help you start to chip away at those mindsets that aren't serving you, so you can start to replace them with healthier and more positive ones!

Diet Mindset Makeover

The Complete Guide to Repairing Your Relationship With Food

When it comes to mindset, my book is (in my own, admittedly biased opinion) the best possible resource you can have for developing a better relationship with food. It covers all the many aspects of a diet mindset, and helps you learn to repair it so you can finally find peace!

Improve your body image
Stop viewing foods as either good or bad 

Stop self-sabotaging behaviors

njoy all the foods you love and still keep your health in mind.
Stop emotional eating

Become a healthy example for your kids

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