Feeding Kids Well

This is where you'll find all my posts about feeding those precious little kiddos. Enjoy!

How Can We Prevent Kids From Dieting?
I don’t know a single person who wants their child to diet. Sure, I know people who want their kids[...]
Articles of Awesomeness – Round 4: Feeding Kids Edition
I haven’t done nearly enough Articles of Awesomeness posts lately. I think perhaps it’s because I see these great articles[...]
If There Are No Bad Foods, Why Manage Sweets?
I once read a really interesting critique of one of my favorite books. The book takes the same “no good/bad[...]
50+ Lunchbox Ideas for Toddlers
<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">I’ll be honest… this post was born out of my own personal need. I do my best to[...]
98 Non-food Easter Basket Ideas Kids Will Love!
Happy (almost) Easter! There’s something nostalgic about this time of year… the egg hunts, the dressy clothes, the ham dinner,[...]
How to Make Homemade Baby Food
In keeping with my judgement-free zone that we’ve got going on here, let me first say that I am not[...]
Don’t Freak Over Halloween Treats
Ahhh Halloween. It's my husband's favorite holiday, and to be honest, I've always loved dressing up. As a kid, it's[...]
4 Ways to Make Feeding Toddlers Easier
Is there anything more challenging than feeding a toddler? Okay, sure, there are a ton of super challenging things out[...]
Intuitive Eating – Eat Like A Kid Again!
Don't you sometimes wish you could just be a kid again? I know I do! No worries, no responsibilities, no bills.[...]
Don’t Follow in My Food Footsteps
As parents, we want the best for our kids. We read books and articles about parenting and discipline, potty training[...]
A Healthy First Birthday Party (Yes, With Cake!)
My son turns 1 today! How is it possible that his first birthday is here already? I can hardly believe[...]