Discover Ways to Escape Emotional Eating!

Get more tools in your toolbox, so that food isn't your only answer when life gets tough!

We all have to deal with difficult emotions from time to time, and one of the primary ways we often handle those stresses is by eating. It's something I work with almost all of my clients on, because it's such a common struggle, and something they really want to change! So I compiled some of the tools I use to help them move away from emotional eating into this Emotional Eating Toolkit E-book so that YOU can learn these tools too!

Kara Beutel, Raising Nutrition

What's Inside the E-book?

The e-book is broken down into two general sections:
negative emotions, and positive emotions (like reward and celebration). 

Section 1: Negative Emotions

In the first section, there is an overview of why we tend to turn to food for managing our emotions, and why it can be helpful to seek out alternatives. Then, we start discussing the new tools for that toolbox of yours!

Section 2: Positive Emotions

In the second section, we ask what it is that we're truly looking for when we want to celebrate or reward ourselves, then we find some non-food tools for those situations as well!

There is also a printable page where you'll use what you learned in the e-book to create your own personal tool-kit for m​anaging emotions. It gives a short reminder of the tools, and space to add things that work specifically for you and cater to the things YOU enjoy!

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