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How this course can help you:

All the diets we've done in the past have taken their toll on our mindsets: 

  • So many food rules
  • So much counting and tracking
  • So much mental ANGST!

This course will help you to fight back against the many ways dieting has affected your relationship with food.

You'll gain a healthier, more positive perspective so you can eat well without driving yourself crazy.

You'll also learn how to avoid passing on the diet mindset to your kids (who are always watching and listening!)

In the course, we'll cover:

  • The root cause of dieting (which is more common than we care to admit)
  • The reasons why dieting is detrimental to us, both physically and mentally (hint: because they don't work!)
  • Why viewing foods as "good" and "bad" does us a huge disservice.
  • Ways we're inadvertently instilling our diet mindset in our kids through our words and our actions, and
  • How to develop a POSITIVE relationship with food so you can live well AND set a healthy example!

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