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You CAN Stop Dieting,
Repair Your Relationship with Food, and Eat well without driving yourself crazy!

Are you stuck in the diet cycle?

You want to eat well so you can be healthy, strong, energetic, confident, and live long enough to see your grandkids have kids. And if you're like most people, you've tried about a bazillion different diets or eating plans to get you to that goal. 

And they've all failed, haven't they? Each diet works great for a short while, then life happens...

You hit a snag, the diet goes out the window, and you gain back anything you may have lost, feeling like you need to start over with another new diet... and the cycle starts again.

Being stuck in this cycle leaves you frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, eating emotionally, and wondering if it’s even possible to eat well without over-analyzing everything! 

  • One thing says eggs are bad, another says they’re a superfood.
  • Being Stuck In A Diet Cycle Is Not Your Fault!

    The entire Diet Industry is dedicated to making people feel bad about themselves and their health so they'll keep spending billions of dollars on diet shakes, detoxes, and expensive meal plans in the endless pursuit of thinness.

    We are constantly told that we must micromanage our eating if we want to be healthy. 
    We are told that our weight, size, and shape determine our worth, and that we should always be looking to be smaller, thinner, or lighter. We are told that there are "bad" foods causing all of our problems and that we must avoid them 100% to be successful.

    All of these lies come together to create a diet mindset… one in which there is a constant inner turmoil around food and how our bodies look. This is what keeps us in the Diet Cycle.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to break free of all that and just eat like a ‘normal person’?

    To enjoy your food and still eat in a health-promoting way.

    To be at peace around food, in any situation. 

    To bake cookies with your kids and fully enjoy the experience 
    (and the cookies)!

    To stop being at war with your body.

    To set a healthy, happy, and stress-free example for your kids.

    And t
    o calm that mental food chatter so you can focus on more important things!

    It is possible. The answer lies in addressing that diet mindset that has ruined our relationship with food.

    I can help you escape that diet cycle

    My name is Kara Beutel. I have a Masters Degree in Nutrition and have been helping clients develop healthier and happier relationships with food since 2014. In my work, I've realized just how huge of a role this diet mindset plays in people's lives.

    All of the struggle, and pain, and mental gymnastics they've put themselves through before finding this easier approach is something I wish I could erase for them.

    Since I can't erase the past, I created what I consider to be the next best thing. This is what I teach my clients, and what I wish they had known before going through the turmoil of dieting. It's a return to the foundation of peace that we used to have before diets took over....

    Introducing: Diet Mindset Makeover!

    A course to help you repair 
    your relationship with food!

    I’ve taken all the most important mindset work I do with my clients and compiled it into one epic course
    to help you finally find peace with eating.

    Improve your body image

    Stop viewing foods as either good or bad

    Stop self-sabotaging behaviors

    njoy all the foods you love and still keep your health in mind.

    Stop emotional eating

    Become a healthy example for your kids

    Check out what's inside!

    There are 10 epic modules that go in depth on the major contributors to a Diet Mindset.

    Each section also includes a lesson on encouraging this non-diet mindset in your kids

    which is so incredibly important. By helping our kids build a healthy relationship with food from the very beginning, they can avoid the diet struggle that we went through!

    Here's a breakdown of the lessons:

    Section 1: Why We're Here

    Discover why a diet mindset ruins our relationship with food, and why this makeover is so needed.

    Section 2: Body Image

    We diet because we dislike our bodies. This module shows you where that negative view comes from, because it's not your fault! 

    Learn how to develop acceptance and appreciation for your body, practice self-compassion and self-kindness, and repair your overall body image. 

    Section 3: Good/Bad Foods

    This diet thinking is really harmful to our relationship with food, for several reasons we'll cover in this module. 

    Want to know how to eat well, and still include treats, without dieting or viewing foods as good/bad? This module is packed with a flexible and sane strategy you can use for life!

    Section 4: Body Signals

    Oh those sabotaging behaviors! This module covers the primary culprits that take us away from listening to our body signals.

    Learn a more mindful and intuitive approach to eating, using those signals you were probably ignoring for years! 

    Section 5: Emotional Eating

    We tend to use food for both reward and self-soothing. Why do we do this? And why might we want to find other ways to accomplish these?

    Discover four different non-food ways to handle negative emotions, so eating is no longer the only tool in your toolbox! We'll also cover non-food ways to add joy, celebration, and reward to life. 

    Section 6: Mindset Maintenance

    Keep this non-diet mindset going in your real life after the course ends! This huge module includes troubleshooting strategies, and ways to connect this mindset to the things you value most so that it becomes truly internalized. 

    Plus some EPIC bonuses!


    Helpful Printables!

    Meal planning page,

    Mindful eating journal page,

    Non-diet approach with kids,

    and more!

    Spotify Playlist!


    An empowering playlist of body-positive songs to help your body image makeover!

    The Facebook Gr​​​​oup!


    A Private Community for everyone who has purchased the course.

    Get support + encouragement the whole way through!

    *That's over $350 in Bonuses alone!*

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    You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers

    Question #1: Is there a Refund Policy?

    Absolutely! I stand behind this course whole-heartedly. So there is a 14-day Refund Policy.

    If in the first two weeks of going through the lessons, the workbook, and the Facebook group Q+As, you’re not completely happy with the course, just let me know! I'll do everything I can to make things right, and if I can't help, I will refund your purchase 100%!

    Will this course help me lose weight?

    If I stop dieting, will I GAIN weight?

    How do I access the course?

    When is the course, and how long do I have access to it?

    Is the Facebook group private?

    Who Is Diet Mindset Makeover For?

    This course is for you if:

    • You’re sick of dieting and just want to eat without overthinking it
    • You’re looking for a simple way of eating well without strict rules or counting anything
    • You want to stop disliking your body
    • You’re excited to shift your focus from one of weight/size to one of health and happiness
    • You’re nervous about your kids copying your dieting example and want to give them a healthier role model

    This course is NOT for you if:

    • You’re looking for another diet or weight-loss plan
    • You’re hoping that by not dieting I’m going to tell you that eating a gallon of ice cream every day is a fabulous idea (Nah, we’re still interested in health here!)
    • You like keeping tight control over your food intake, like tracking calories, analyzing your macros, or training for a figure competition.

    It’s also not for you if you already have a positive relationship with food (YAY for you, by the way!)

    What Others Are Saying

    I just truly wanted to say: Thank you, Kara!! I think you put in a lot of time and effort into this course and I found it very very helpful! I felt the body image section incredible!! I think for anyone who is truly interested in changing/ improving some food and body image hang ups in a rather a short amount of time the investment is well worth it and I am glad that I signed up. I also found the whole workbook very helpful. And your kindness and warmth during the live calls was also amazing, Kara! Thanks SO very very much for all the time and effort you put into answering my many questions, it meant a lot to me. Especially as you have this non-judgmental style - one just feels accepted and understood!

    Anika Kirsten

    I really enjoyed the course and have found it extremely helpful. Kara is highly knowledgeable, non-judgemental and empathetic. I have learnt so much about myself which has helped change my relationship with food and it will be a resource that I will reference for many years to come. Not only was the course invaluable to myself, as the mother to two young boys it has given me tools to avoid some of the inadvertent "mistakes" we can make when raising children in regards to their relationship with food and weight. If you're thinking about taking the course... Do it!!

    Amanda Freeman

    There are lots of valuable tools in the course and the weekly calls are very beneficial. Learning how to reframe thoughts with a growth mindset was most valuable.


    I LOVED all the information that is helpful for kids and the section on body image. I have always struggled with body image and especially now with my son I want to be more confident in myself and impart good habits and positive self image to my son. Things I never would have thought to do or say... or even not to say, you had covered here. I also loved the analogies, personal stories, and fun things you added like the playlist to make it fun and relatable.

    Sarah Taylor

    When you repair your Diet Mindset,
    you'll finally know what it feels like to stop stressing about eating!

    • You’ll be someone who treats her body with kindness, compassion, respect, and admiration.
    • You’ll be unfazed by “bad” foods and able to enjoy them without feeling controlled by them.
    • You’ll have the confidence to walk away from calorie counting or watching points.
    • You’ll have several ways to handle difficult emotions without turning to food.
    • You’ll be a confidently healthy (and sane!) role model for your kids so they grow up without wanting to diet themselves.

    You’ll finally find peace and stop over-complicating the simple act of eating!

    I can’t wait to see you in the course!

    Heck Yeah! Sign Me Up!


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