Diet Mindset Makeover is Here!

My book is a complete guide to repairing your relationship with food. I'll show you how to stop dieting, improve your body image, eat well without going crazy, and even help your kids develop a positive and healthy relationship with food!

About Little Ol' Me

Hey there! My name is Kara Beutel, a mom with a M.S. in Nutrition who wants to help you repair your relationship with food, eat well without dieting, and raise healthy kiddos. I'm so glad you stopped by! Pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and let's get to know each other, shall we?

My Mission

How's this for lofty goals: I want to put the entire diet industry out of business. How? Prevention!

Raising Nutrition exists to help you teach your kids (and also yourself) how to be healthy and happy eaters. By raising an entire generation of people who've been taught how to eat well from the very beginning, and by helping the grown-ups achieve their healthy eating goals too, there will be no need for a diet industry! Imagine how awesome that world would be... 

My Values

  • I really value actual facts (I'm a science geek at heart). It's incredibly disheartening how much pseudoscience babble is out there. The things I share here on this site will be evidence-based, meaning they are rooted in peer-reviewed research, my educational background from my M.S. in Nutrition, and my professional experience coaching actual real-life clients. No fear-mongering bullsh*t here, folks!
  • I value practicality. Let's be honest here: we don't live in a lab. Evidence has to be translated to real life! Real life is never perfect, and eating well is not something we can ever do "perfectly" either. I'll help you cut through the info and get to the ways you can put it into practice in your real life, with your real-life family and real-life challenges.
  • I value kindness. Science and practicality are wonderful things, but there is a human element that I don't want to leave out. Above all else, I want you, dear reader, to feel at home here. I want you to feel like you're chatting with a friend, someone who cares about you and wants to make sure that you've got the tools you need to tackle the messy amazingness of life. 
  • I value fun! I'm a goofball to my very core, and I hope that at least a little bit of my bubbly personality will shine through in my posts! If things start to get too dry and boring around here, be a friend and let me know. This friendship goes both ways, ya know! 

On the more personal side, I’m a coffee lover, a recovering perfectionist, wife to the sweetest Physical Therapist you'll ever meet, and mom to the most incredible little boy. I love what I do because it allows me to be home with my son more often, while also helping people learn to eat well and feed their families well too. On the fitness side of things, I dabble in aerial arts, play around with gymnastic-style workouts, take walks when the weather is nice, and do some lifting every once in a while too. 

If you have any questions, or there's a nutrition topic you'd like me to research and write about, Contact Me!