98 Non-food Easter Basket Ideas Kids Will Love!

Happy (almost) Easter! There’s something nostalgic about this time of year… the egg hunts, the dressy clothes, the ham dinner, and the epic basket of Easter goodies! Now, I’m all for including some type of treat in the Easter basket (peanut butter eggs in mine, please!) It’s part of a moderate approach to treats that we all benefit from. But Easter baskets can be pretty big, and stuffing them FULL of candy isn’t something I plan to do. If you’re in the same boat, and looking for non-food Easter basket ideas, then this post is for you!

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I ended up with a really big list (98 ideas!), so I had to break it down. There are 3 main categories: Stuff for younger kids (babies and toddlers), general fun stuff that could be applicable for a big range of ages, and stuff for the older kids. The “general” section is pretty big so I broke it into sub-categories.  I hope you’ll find some ideas that you really love!

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New bottle or sippy cup
Bath toys
Diapers rolled up to look cute, or a first pair of “big kid” underwear
Board books
Cute onesie or outfit
Stuffed animal
Soft balls or sensory balls
Small age-appropriate toy (These soft blocks are a hit)
Feeding stuff – toddler cutlery, new plate/bowl, baby spoons
Woobie or luvie


(Some things may not be applicable to the younger kids. Use your discretion)

Stuff to wear:

Headbands or hair bows
Fun band-aids
Bunny ears
Play jewelry
Slap bracelets
Spring outfit
Bathing suit (don’t laugh, my mom used to do this for us all the time!)
Fun or silly socks

Easter basket ideas for kids with no candy or food involved! Fun easter basket ideas kids will love :)

Arts + Crafts:

Silly putty
Sidewalk chalk (THIS one is even shaped like Easter eggs!)
Colored pencils, markers, glitter pens
Coloring book
Finger paint
Paint set with brushes
Magnadoodle (This one is small enough to fit in a basket)
Dry Erase board and marker
Erasers or pencil toppers

Inside play:

Games to play themselves (Like a matching game)
Games to play with the family (Some ideas below!)
Travel games
Playing Cards, or card games like Uno
Play set (like a tool box, doctor kit, play food)
Toy cars
Small thing they like and collect, like GI Joes, Barbie, etc
Doll, or doll clothes
Stress ball or squishy ball
Glow sticks
Stuffed animal (not just for babies!)

Around the house:

New bed sheets in their favorite character
Room decorations: poster, glowing stars or decals, etc
Silly straws, or a cup with their favorite character
Fridge magnets
Bath crayons
Bath toys
Window clings
Washcloth toys that expand in water (I wish I could remember what they’re called. They’re super cool!)

Outside play:

Sports stuff: baseball glove, shin guards, etc
Kite (this was always a favorite when I was a kid)
Jump rope
Sand toys, like a pail and shovel
Water toys
Inflatable pool (can get cheap ones at dollar stores)
Paddle ball
Skatch game (Basically catch, using velcro mits)
Inflatable beach ball
Water gun
Various balls: bouncy balls, sports balls (football, soccer, baseball, etc), foam balls


Books with sound/buttons
Books for various ages
Mad-Libs (I always LOVED these!)
Comic book
Activity book
Sticker book
(Plus coloring books, which was under “arts and crafts”)

Older kids specific:

Movie tickets
Nail polish
Lip gloss
Fake tattoos
Picture frame
Gift cards
Manicure or makeup kit
Science set
Magic trick set
Ear buds
Rubix cube
Brain teasers

Hope this helps!

I hope this list helped you get some awesome non-food Easter Basket ideas for this coming weekend. I’m posting it early enough that if you order something online, it should get here in time to play Easter Bunny. Enjoy the holiday, eat some delightful food (and a peanut butter egg or two), and HAVE FUN!

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