Learn to Love the Person in the Mirror

My son has been having a grand old time playing with the baby in the mirror. He high-fives himself, and even gives kisses like in the pic above. It’s pretty adorable to watch! But it got me thinking about how most of the people I know wouldn’t do the same thing. Most of us have a rather poor body image, and sometimes avoid mirrors all together. Wouldn’t life be a bit happier though, if we could all shower our reflections with such love and kindness? Can we learn to love the person in the mirror? Take a step towards a more positive body image! Learn to love yourself, just as you are. Because you ARE already worth it.

Why DON’T we love ourselves already?

Many of our clients come to us after they’ve tried a gazillion other things to lose weight. They’ve been on all the various diets. They’ve tried shakes, and detoxes, and low-carb, and paleo, and vegetarian, and several others things. They’ve grown increasingly frustrated with their up-and-down results, or their lack of progress, and they’ve spent an incredible amount of time trying to punish themselves into a smaller version of their current selves.

Inevitably I hear some version of the following: “If only I could lose X pounds, I’d be so happy.”

They’ve tied their happiness to the size or weight of their body, not realizing that the two aren’t mutually exclusive! They focus on the parts in the mirror that they DON’T like. The ones they wish so deeply that they could change in an instant. A smaller butt. Thinner thighs. A tighter tummy. No more cellulite. Their self-talk, and overall body image, is very negative, and it’s honestly incredibly heartbreaking.

Change the conversation

If that sounds like you, I urge you to be open to a different approach. Why wait until you’ve lost weight to be happy? You can be happy now. In whatever state your body is currently in. The added bonus is that turning that self-talk around to be more positive can actually HELP you to lose weight!

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When is the last time speaking negatively towards someone caused them to want to change? The way we talk to ourselves is no different. Disliking yourself, or even “hating” parts of yourself as a motivation to lose weight, is an ineffective, and very sad, way of working toward a healthier you.

Think about how you would speak to your best friend, or your mother, or sister, or your daughter if they wanted to lose weight. I’d hazard a bet that you wouldn’t tell them “if you’d just lose 10lbs you’d be so much more awesome.” No, you’d tell them how much you love them just the way they are, while being supportive of their desire to make positive and healthy changes! You might even help them on their journey, because you care for them so much and want to see them succeed.

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Give yourself the gift of just as much love and care as you show to the others who are important to you.Don't hate yourself into becoming a thinner version of you. You can love yourself NOW!

You are already amazing

It’s absolutely healthy and valid to love yourself exactly as you are now, while also having goals of better health. Loving your body in its current state doesn’t mean you’ve become complacent or abandoned the idea of getting healthier. But it DOES mean you respect it and admire it enough to give it loving support on its journey. Think about it this way – when we care about someone, we WANT to take care of them. We want to be there for them, give them a shoulder to cry on if they need it, walk beside them as they go through tough stuff, and high five the heck out of them when they’re doing great!

You are wonderful just as you are. Whether you have health and fitness goals or not, give yourself a kiss on the mirror. You are amazing. You are a rockstar. You are a badass. And you sure as hell deserve to be loved. Just as you are. Right this very moment.

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