You Don’t Need A Freaking Detox to Lose Weight!

Ahh, another new year.  The first week of January means we get to take stock of our various goals and make new plans for how we want to achieve them. It also, unfortunately for my sanity, means seeing a depressing number of awful quick-fix weight loss schemes coming across every possible social media feed. As if the “You ate it, now negate it” memes weren’t bad enough, now every diet, detox, cleanse, challenge, and “fix,” is circulating like wildfire, ready to lure in all the people looking for the magic bullet that will finally help them lose some weight in the new year.

If those types of approaches have started to sound tempting, I have bad news for you:


Any of them.

Not in the long term.

And some of them are pure and utter Bullsh*t…. *cough* DETOX/CLEANSE *cough*.

I understand, really I do. We get so tired of trying over and over to lose weight that we feel like we just haven’t found the right “thing” yet to help us get there. In a way, we love to believe that some drastic reset is the thing we need to jump start our success. We just need to get all that “bad stuff” out, right? All the holiday cookies and New Year’s Eve celebratory drinks are just dwelling there inside, needing to be cleaned out so that we can finally feel better and kick-start our weight loss. So, a detox to the rescue, right?


You do not need some scam “detox” to remove “rotting sludge” or “toxic waste” from your GI system (yes, I’ve really heard those exact terms in a certain commercial recently!). You don’t need to do a “sugar detox” because you were “bad” over the holidays. You don’t need to “cleanse” your body so that you can start to better utilize the nutrients in your food. You don’t need to eliminate “toxins” that have built up over time to make you sick and “fat.” That’s not how this works.


What does a detox actually do then?

All it does is drastically reduce your calorie intake, and make you pissy in the process.

  • It doesn’t actually “detox” anything (that’s what your liver, lungs, colon, and kidneys are for…. and it’s a topic big enough for a whole other post!).
  • It drains your wallet. (How is it that some fancy juice, which amounts to severe restriction and deprivation, costs MORE money than actually feeding yourself well?)
  • It makes you miserable.
  • It can negatively impact your ability to sense natural hunger and fullness.
  • It makes hunger feel like an emergency, and impossible to tolerate (hint: that’s not normal).
  • The lowered ability to tolerate hunger, plus the elevated hunger you’ll have from the major calorie restriction, means that you’ll eat more when you’re done with the “detox,” ruining any progress you think you made.

Can you tell I’m not a fan of this approach?

Any weight loss “solution” that is temporary will only work temporarily too. [bctt tweet=”Any weight loss “solution” that is temporary will only work temporarily too.” username=”raisingnutritn”]

If you want to keep losing and regaining the same 10 pounds over and over, then a detox, cleanse, challenge, “fix,” or other diet is the way to go. It’ll likely work in the short term. But when it’s done, nothing fundamental will have changed. That means the weight will come right back, because nothing about HOW you eat changed.

We need to remember that weight loss really is simple

That doesn’t mean it’s easy, of course. Anyone who has tried over and over to lose weight can attest to that. But the basic concept, the fundamental underlying truth of weight loss is a simple and reasonably understandable one.

We gain weight when our energy intake is more than our energy output. Translation: we eat too much. Thus, if you want to LOSE weight, you have two options… eat less so that you’re no longer overeating, or increase your exercise so your output is closer to your intake. It really is that simple. This simple truth of weight loss Has. Not. Changed!

If you want to lose weight in the new year, you need to make a plan to take in less calories (or burn more calories). And if you want to actually be successful in the long run, you need to make sure your plan doesn’t suck. [bctt tweet=”If you want to be successful in the long run, you need to make sure your plan doesn’t suck.” username=”raisingnutritn”]

It should NOT be something you struggle through.

It should NOT be something you hate.

It should NOT be a short, temporary time period after which you go “back to normal” – AKA back to overeating.

It SHOULD be something that teaches you how to change your eating in a way you can keep up in the long term.

This is why we teach and coach healthy eating SKILLS

Skills are something that you learn, that get better over time. Once you learn a skill, you can always go back to if you stop doing them for whatever reason. The more you practice skills, the easier they get. And once you’ve practiced them a lot, they become rather ingrained. They become part of you. By practicing and honing reasonable and non-sucky healthy eating skills, you finally learn how to BE a healthy eater. No more diets, no more gimmicks, no more yo-yo-ing up and down.

Does it take work and practice? Yes.

Does it take longer than a 30 day detox/fix/diet? Yes.

Will your progress and results last longer than a diet? YES!

Will it be as frustrating and miserable as a diet? No!

My wish for all of you

My wish for you in the new year is that you find a way towards peace with your food and your eating. The constant up and down yo-yo approach of diets is infuriating, and I would never wish it on anyone. Find a way to learn how to eat well easily. If you’re looking for an “easily digestible” book to read, look no further than Georgie Fear’s Lean Habits. It’s the approach we take with our clients. And while we now refer to the things we teach as skills, instead of habits, the core values underneath the new wording are the same.

If you’ve tried going it alone and haven’t been successful (yet!), then there is always our coaching program too. We have three different “levels” so you can choose the price and amount of support that’s right for you. Check out more details HERE if you’re interested!

No matter what your plans for a healthy 2017, I hope that you enjoy the ride. You, yes you, are a wonderfully fabulous human being who deserves to be treated well and respected. That’s just as important for how you treat yourself as it is for how others treat you. Don’t put yourself through hell in the name of weight loss. Find a way to enjoy the ride. [bctt tweet=”Don’t put yourself through hell in the name of weight loss. ” username=”raisingnutritn”]

Cheers to all the greatness this year can bring!

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