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Diet Mindset Makeover:
The Book that will help you repair your relationship with food - for good! 

Finally, a way to stop dieting for good! This book will help you improve your body image, ditch a ditch mindset, develop a positive relationship with food, learn intuitive eating, and put an end to emotional eating. It's a complete guide to food freedom!

Are you stuck in the diet cycle?

Have you done diet after diet, with only periodic short-term success? 

Do you keep looking for a new "right way" to eat after each diet fails?

If so, you're probably stuck in the diet cycleBeing stuck in this cycle leaves you frustrated, overwhelmed, confused, eating emotionally, and wondering if it’s even possible to eat well without over-analyzing everything! 

It's not your fault. The entire Diet Industry has spent years making people feel bad about themselves and their health so they'll keep spending billions of dollars on diet shakes, detoxes, and expensive meal plans in the endless pursuit of thinness.

We are constantly told that we must micromanage our eating if we want to be healthy.

We are told that our weight, size, and shape determine our worth.

We are told that we should always be looking to be smaller, thinner, or lighter. 

We are told that there are "bad" foods causing all of our problems which must be 100% avoided.

All of these lies come together to create a diet mindset… one in which there is a constant inner turmoil around food and how our bodies look. This is what keeps us in the Diet Cycle.

  • One thing says eggs are bad, another says they’re a superfood.
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to break free of all that and just eat like a ‘normal person’?

    To enjoy your food and still eat in a health-promoting way.
    To be at peace around food, in any situation. 

    To bake cookies with your kids and fully enjoy the experience 
    (and the cookies)!
    To stop being at war with your body.

    To set a healthy, happy, and stress-free example for your kids.

    And t
    o calm that mental food chatter so you can focus on more important things!

    It is possible. The answer lies in addressing that diet mindset that has ruined our relationship with food.

    I Can Help You Escape That Diet Cycle

    My name is Kara Beutel, and I have a Masters Degree in Nutrition. In my work coaching people toward healthier and happier relationships with food, I realized just how huge of a role this diet mindset plays in people's lives.

    So I created something to help. Diet Mindset Makeover is filled with all of the things I wish people had known before going through the turmoil of dieting. It is a compilation of all the important mindset work needed to help you finally find peace with eating. It's a return to the foundation of peace that we used to have before diets took over.

    I can't wait for you to read it and finally find food freedom again!

    Diet Mindset Makeover

    The Complete Guide to Repairing Your Relationship With Food

    Improve your body image
    Stop viewing foods as either good or bad 

    Stop self-sabotaging behaviors

    njoy all the foods you love and still keep your health in mind.
    Stop emotional eating

    Become a healthy example for your kids

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