My Book is Finally Here!

I've found that the biggest hurdle most clients have is the Diet Mindset that's taken hold of them. They've been stuck hating their bodies and fearing "bad foods" for so long that they don't know any other way!

So I took all of the important mindset work I do with clients and compiled it into an epic resource of a book for you. It is a complete guide to repairing your relationship with food, so you can finally get rid of those diet-mindset shackles and find peace with food for good!

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How to Make Fitness Fun! (Plus a peek at my “routine”)

As of today, I will be at a conference called The Women’s Fitness Summit. I already know many of the amazing women who will be there, or who will be presenting, even though this will be my first time at the event. So I’m really excited. It’s going to be an awesome time! In honor […]

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Getting Your Spouse On Board With Healthy Eating

You made a choice to start eating healthier. You planned out a shopping list, bought some nice healthy ingredients, and are all set to cook a fabulous dinner when your spouse comes in, sees the veggies on the counter, makes a face, and says he’s ordering pizza. It doesn’t take much to derail our efforts. […]

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7 Easy Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

This is probably one of the most popular questions that people have when they decide to start eating more healthfully… how do I do it and not break the bank? How do I eat healthy on a budget? It’s a sad reality that fast food dollar menus are often cheaper than more nutritious options, but […]

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Do Sugary Drinks Cause Weight Gain?

The media always loves to sensationalize, well, everything. Sugary drinks have been demonized for causing weight gain (and sugar-free alternatives have been demonized too). But do sugary drinks really cause weight gain?  I was asked this question recently and I figured it might be a topic others would like to hear about, so I decided […]

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Healthy Travel: 6 Ways to Prevent Vacation Weight Gain

It’s almost summertime, which means vacation time! Personally, I adore cruising. But no matter what your preferred vacation option is, most trips involve being surrounded by lots of new, exciting, and delicious foods for an extended amount of time. With all that decadence surrounding you for a whole week, it can seem inevitable that there will […]

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