My Book is Finally Here!

I've found that the biggest hurdle most clients have is the Diet Mindset that's taken hold of them. They've been stuck hating their bodies and fearing "bad foods" for so long that they don't know any other way!

So I took all of the important mindset work I do with clients and compiled it into an epic resource of a book for you. It is a complete guide to repairing your relationship with food, so you can finally get rid of those diet-mindset shackles and find peace with food for good!

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Learn to Love Your Postpartum Body

Last week, in response to a question I’d posted on Facebook, a great coach I know replied with concern she has regarding clients and pregnancy: “I get clients worrying about weight gain during and after – There is this sort of vague fear that after they have a child they will never be able to […]

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Does Breastfeeding Help to Lose Baby Weight?

Something that tends to be on many women’s minds after having a baby is “How do I lose the baby weight?” I want to preface this post with the caveat that I do not think that it necessarily SHOULD be a topic on our minds at that time, but it is very common for it to […]

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