My Book is Finally Here!

I've found that the biggest hurdle most clients have is the Diet Mindset that's taken hold of them. They've been stuck hating their bodies and fearing "bad foods" for so long that they don't know any other way!

So I took all of the important mindset work I do with clients and compiled it into an epic resource of a book for you. It is a complete guide to repairing your relationship with food, so you can finally get rid of those diet-mindset shackles and find peace with food for good!

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Stepping Away from Emotional Eating – An Interview with Sarah Campbell

Emotional eating is an incredibly popular topic. Not popular in the sense that people like it, but popular in the sense that it’s something many people feel like they’re struggling with, and they’re all searching for answers on how to stop doing it. Today, I have a special treat for you. This is an interview […]

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Is Your Food Relationship Like A Bad Marriage?

I talk a lot about developing a healthy relationship with food, and it made me think recently about just how many parallels it has with actual romantic relationships… Bad relationships and unhappy marriages can be fraught with tension, battles-of-wills, anger, sadness, and constant frustration. On the other hand, great marriages can be happy, content, comfortable, […]

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5 Reasons to Stop Saying “I’ll Be Happy When…”

Cultivate happiness in the present moment. Be present, enjoy the little thing, and practice gratitude.

“When do we ever just get to be happy with our bodies and not spend months/years on end in the diet cycle that really gets you nowhere?” This question came to me in an email from a client recently. And I know she’s not the only one to have felt this way. Far from it actually. […]

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How Can We Prevent Kids From Dieting?

I don’t know a single person who wants their child to diet. Sure, I know people who want their kids to eat well, which is pretty much most of us! But I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who wanted their child to grow up and be a dieter. It’s something I think most of […]

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Is A Fixed Mindset Keeping You Stuck?

Researcher Carol Dweck first introduced the concept of a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Much of her research is on how this pertains to children, and their ability to learn. The idea has far-reaching implications though, and while it certainly applies to teaching kids (about anything, not just school subjects), it applies to us […]

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An Open Letter to my Child About Body Image

My Dearest B,Being your mom is one of the greatest joys I have ever known. You are not yet two years old, but you bring such happiness to our lives that we can barely remember life before you existed. Every day I see new sparks of amazingness in you. You are bright, and sweet, and […]

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Exercise is NOT Punishment for Eating

Raise your hand if you’ve ever uttered a version of this at some point: “I’m gonna have to spend all day on the treadmill to burn off that cheesecake!” (Raises hand. Yup, me too.) It’s become second nature to link our exercise to our food choices. We say it partially in jest, but underneath, we’re kind of […]

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What WE can learn in this Week Of The Young Child

This week is “The Week Of The Young Child,” which is something I hadn’t heard about until this year, but I like it! It is sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and was started back in 1971, as a way to recognize kids’ early years (age 0-8) lay the […]

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Sugar Addiction is Not Real

Everywhere you look, someone seems to be talking about “sugar addiction.” They’re either talking about doing a sugar detox to help get over their “addiction”, or they’re talking about how they don’t keep sweets in the house because they’re “addicted” and can’t control themselves around it. Many people also completely forbid their children from having sugar […]

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Forget “Reducing Sweets”, Let’s Try: ADDING JOY!

Well, today is Valentine’s Day. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that most people are planning to enjoy something sweet today – either with their significant other, or all by themselves because #screwvalentinesday. So perhaps today is an odd day to publish a post about reducing sweets, but hear me out…. […]

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