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The birth of a blog

Welcome to my brand new blog!

If you don’t yet know me, you can read my About Me section, but I’ll give a short overview: I have a M.S. degree in Human Nutrition, and I work with/for the amazing Georgie Fear and her husband Roland Fisher at One By One Nutrition, where I coach clients using a habit-based approach to fat loss. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband and our sweet baby boy. I love doing aerial circus arts and strength training, and I obviously enjoy food and healthy eating!

What’s in a name? 

I oscillated for a while on what to name this blog. Do I just go with “Kara Beutel Nutrition”, which while boring, keeps me open to discussing any nutrition topic I want? Or do I find a semi-catchy-but-not-too-corny name that somehow applies to all the various topics I want to eventually cover? I’ll give credit to one of our amazing prior clients for suggesting the name I ultimately chose: Raising Nutrition. I hope the tag-line helps to get across my two main goals for this blog: providing quality, science-based nutrition info (raising the bar), and also discussing practical applications that people can use in their everyday lives while providing for themselves and their families (raising a happy and healthy family).

I truly believe that eating healthfully is simple. It just doesn’t always seem easy! I’ll be sharing tips and tricks that you can use to shift your eating to be more healthful without adding a bunch of stress to your plate at the same time. Fat loss, learning healthy habits, eating well for pregnancy, building a positive mindset, developing a healthy relationship with food, feeding kids, and translating nutrition science into something practical you can do at home are all big topics I’ll be talking about.

I’m hoping I can strike a balance between the quality science stuff (which some may find boring), and the practical everyday stuff that’s based more on my coaching experiences and my own habits. I think the former is so important, especially since there is so much bad information out there! The media blows scientific findings out of proportion just so they can give you a catchy and scary headline like “Eggs Are The New Smoking.” Unscrupulous individuals use a ton of fear-mongering to make you avoid certain food groups or otherwise believe “you’re doing it wrong” just so that they can get you to buy their book or detox plan or weight loss device. It’s awful how prevalent that stuff is. So I hope that my little corner of the blogosphere is able to help you use actual evidence and reason to cut through all the junk out there.

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