Articles of Awesomeness – Round 4: Feeding Kids Edition

I haven’t done nearly enough Articles of Awesomeness posts lately. I think perhaps it’s because I see these great articles on my Facebook feed and I feel like I don’t have time to read them, so I just click “Save” and then it takes me forever to go back to all those saved posts. (Please tell me it’s not just me that does this!)

So let’s share around some awesomeness, shall we?! This roundup is all about feeding kiddos. The articles below are written by some fabulous kid-feeding experts, who I follow and admire, and am constantly learning from. I hope you’ll get a lot out of these posts. I know I did! 

Practical tips and articles to help you feed kids well and stay sane doing it!

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1: What’s More Important for Kids than Eating Veggies? These 10 Habits.

By It’s Not About Nutrition

This is a super short post, but it reinforces the idea that when it comes to feeding kids, there are LOTS more important things that we teach them than just eating vegetables. As always, it’s less about the specifics of WHAT you eat, than about HOW you eat.

2: Tired of Mealtime Battles? Deconstruct the Meals!

By Natalia Stasenko of Feeding Bytes

This, for me, goes into the category of “things I know are a good idea, but I haven’t quite gotten around to yet.” With my little guy, he’s actually fairly decent at eating my 1-pot meals where everything is all together. Sure, he has some days and meals that go more smoothly than others, but so far he’s not super picky. I do end up doing this by accident sometimes though 🙂 And I do ADORE the idea of deconstructed meals, ESPECIALLY for kids who are picky. If they’re old enough to serve themselves, even better! Check this post out for some great ideas.

3: An Unconventional Way To Educate Kids About Nutrition (And Why It Works).

By Maryann Jacobsen

On the heals of my post about managing sweets when they’re not “bad” foods, I thought this was a great post to share. In it, Maryann talks about how her child had three opportunities for sweets on a particular day. Rather than lay down rules about when her daughter could or couldn’t eat a sweet, or how much she could have, she took an interesting approach that she details here. I love this idea! It’s certainly for older kids (my toddler is way too young for this), but it’s in my back pocket now for the future!

I hope these articles will give you some great ideas when it comes to feeding those little cuties. Please send these great ladies some love!

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