Articles of Awesomeness – Round 3

Can you believe the last time I did an Articles of Awesomeness post was back in September?! Wow, I’ve got some catching up to do on some GREAT content that I’ve seen since then. In this round of articles we’ve got some stellar stuff from some of the smartest people I have the pleasure of knowing. If I had to come up with a theme for this round, I’d call it the Happiness Round. Food and nutrition is so much more than JUST food! Check out these articles, which are so awesome that my introduction can’t even do them justice, so let’s just dive in!

Wellness: Why Bother? – Kelly Coffey

Yup, I’m linking to her again. Because I adore her 🙂 This post came out right before the new year, and it’s freaking brilliant. The basic premise?

“We’re all gonna die anyway, so what’s the point of eating well and exercising? (No, really.)

Good freaking question, right?! Her answer hinges on the idea of The First Minute.

“Even if you sleep late, eventually every day begins, and in the first minute of each day you have to face yourself.”

“Practice living with intention and treating yourself well. Bother to care for and about yourself and your body, and your first minutes will feel like new beginnings. Ignore your body’s needs, neglect yourself, or continue to justify not treating yourself well, and your first minutes will be torture.”

Kelly Coffey

What If Losing Weight in 2017 Doesn’t Make You Feel Any Happier or Better About Yourself? – Josh Hillis

I see the thing he’s talking about all the time. Our clients come to us looking to lose weight. BUT, it’s almost never just about the weight. Many people, not all, but many, are actually trying to find happiness. There is a big element of “if I lose X weight I’ll finally be happy.” But as Josh mentions in this piece, even people who are as lean as humans can pretty much be, still have times when they are not happy with themselves.

“Happiness is like the weather, sometimes it comes and sometimes it goes. But no good comes of chasing it. Likewise, sometimes people feel good about themselves, other times they feel bad about themselves, we aren’t going to chase that either. Instead, we’re going to work on taking actions they can be proud of.”

Josh Hillis

What To Do If You Eat For Happiness – Part 2 – by Georgie Fear

My lovely boss and mentor has a new site for her blog, yay! was sadly hacked a while back, and it took some time to get Georgie’s brilliance back out on the blogosphere. But she’s relocated to and I love this recent post of hers.

“If eating really is bringing you joy on a reliable basis, stop for a moment to consider that there may not be a problem here. If you are in good health physically and emotionally, if you are satisfied, maybe there isn’t a tremendous downside to letting yourself eat for joy as you have been.

On the other hand, perhaps food is bringing you joy reliably but you are noticing very real costs are involved in continuing your behavior. Perhaps you are harming your health or relationships because you are overweight, unhappy with your body, eating in secret, or food has become a contentious issue with people you love. Considering the happiness gains you’re making versus the price you’re paying can help you clarify if you want to make a change or not.”

Georgie Fear

How To Keep The Weight-Obsessed Culture From Harming Your Child’s Relationship With Food – Maryann Jacobsen

You may recognize this author’s name as being one of the lovely ladies who co-wrote my favorite book Fearless Feeding. She too has a new blog location, moving from to  Her blog and her mission are extremely close to my own, only she’s been at this way longer and I think my blog is basically just trying to be her when it grows up! In this post she talks about how she started her nutrition work with weight loss clients, and after having her kids, she came to the same revelation that I did: focusing on preventing health and weight problems by raising healthy kids from the get-go is such an awesome approach!

“The reason that focusing on food and weight doesn’t work is it fails to address root causes. Like all those clients I saw early in my career, there really was more to their eating than met the eye. I believe at the root of how and what a person eats is their relationship with food. When it comes to prevention, focusing on this relationship is vital. And when problems arise, digging further to discover what went wrong is key.”

Maryann Jacobsen

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