Articles of Awesomeness – Round 1

I’ve been wanting to start a series like this for a while. There are some really fabulous professionals putting out some AMAZING (and evidence-based!) content on topics near and dear to my heart – nutrition, fitness, feeding kids, self-compassion, and health and happiness. It’s sad that it sometimes gets lost amidst all the nonsense that floats around cyberspace though!

So I’m going to start calling attention to the awesome stuff that’s out there. Do I wish I’d had the brilliance to write about all these topics myself? Yup! And maybe I will eventually get around to writing about some of them too. But I don’t want you guys to have to wait for me to try to cover all these things… why reinvent the wheel, right?

I have no idea how frequently I’ll be running posts like this. Could be weekly, could be monthly, could be random. All I know is that it will recur with *some* type of frequency!

Without further ado, I bring you today’s Articles Of Awesomeness!


1 – How Many Times A Day Should Kids Eat?  – Maryann Jacobsen

I’ve written before about how snacking, or eating frequently, isn’t really the best idea for adults. But kids have smaller bellies, and different needs than we do. Maryann does a great job of weeding through the sparse research on this topic as it pertains to kids. She’s also one of the authors of one of my favorite books – Fearless Feeding. If you’ve got kids and need some help guiding them toward healthy eating, this book is fabulous!!

2 – The One Thing Women Need to Stop Eating –  Kelly Coffey

The title is catchy, but somewhat misleading. Here’s a hint… the thing we need to stop eating isn’t even a food! I love Kelly’s message so much, and I’m excited to see her speak again next week at a conference I’m going to!

3 – Body Positivity: Why Adopting A Better Body Image Makes Sense –  Brandice Lardner

This is a message that can’t be spread often enough. It’s similar to the article above from Kelly too. Shame, insults, and general meanness have no place in how we speak to ourselves. Here, Brandice helps you baby step your way into being more positive with your self-talk.

4 – Breastfeeding: How What You Eat Impacts You and Your Baby – Dr. Cassandra Forsythe

One for the mamas! It’s a topic I want to cover on this blog eventually, but Dr. Cass (another super amazing woman I’m excited to see again next week!) did a wonderful job outlining a really in-depth topic. Great stuff!

That’s all for now! I’m looking forward to sharing more Articles Of Awesomeness in the future!

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Happy Reading!


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