Hi, I'm Kara.
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I'm a mom with a M.S. in Nutrition, helping you to repair your relationship with food, eat well without dieting, and raise your kids to be healthy eaters!

Resource Pages to Get You Started

I talk a lot about practicing healthy skills, getting away from a dieting mindset, and instilling a healthy relationship with food in our kids. I've created these resource pages so you can quickly find the things you're most interested in (including some recipes). 

My Book: Diet Mindset Makeover

The Complete Guide to Repairing Your Relationship With Food

I've taken all the important mindset work involved in developing a healthy and happy relationship with food, and turned it in the ultimate book to help you find peace with food once and for all!

Improve your body image
Stop viewing foods as either good or bad 

Stop self-sabotaging behaviors

njoy all the foods you love and still keep your health in mind.
Stop emotional eating

Become a healthy example for your kids

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